Chianti Reserve

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

In Tuscany, in the early morning haze
When oaken barrels cradle wine
And grapes dream of pearls in dew
The moonlight curls the vines
Turning vineyards into lace
Oh, the pleasures that we knew

In Tuscany, in an early morning haze
Our hearts have been entwined
And our souls have been displaced
While we searched for other ways
To love, to lust and follow through
Oh, the pleasures that we knew

In Tuscany, you said
That I make you blush
That I make you brave
You raised a toast
For the love we enshrine
And the lust we enslave
Then dipped a finger
In a deep red wine
And drew a Chianti garter
Around your sweet indecent thigh
So I could misbehave
So my mouth could cross
A line
Oh, I love the pleasures you designed
You love the love my touch refined
In Tuscany

In Tuscany we had it all
But wanted more than we are
We slept in the finest villas
But made love in the back seat of a car

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